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Astronomy picture of the dayNews from techwebMy personal email login page.Yahoo SportsWeather for Raleigh-Durham-Cary-Chapel Hill from WRAL-TVArtificial Intelligence from AAAIThe latest from Slash DotTech news from ACMBird songs from naturesongs.comWeather for Raleigh-Durham-Cary-Chapel Hill from WRAL-TVMail site for mykeyhyperlinks.comNews from CNN-onlineBehind the scenes at My Key HyperLinksNews from wired.comCheck my Uverse recordingsCNN money pageCNN political tickerWikipedia main pagePBS - NovaCNN money pageCNN political pageChatham County Library PittsboroWikipedia main pageYahoo SportsWRAL weatherFACEBOOKCNN headlinesmy LINKED IN profile

 T   Y   S   W 

 T   M   B   W 

 C   Z   W   U 

 P   W   A  Amazon online store  N 

 P   L   L  Chapel Hill Town Library  W 
 S   W   F   C   L 
yellow = Pop Culture, Ent, Vid, Magazines, Sports, Weather, Games, Puzzles
blue = Ref, Ed, Org, Art, Classical Culture, Mu, Humanities
red = Commerce, News, Pol, Bus, Invest, Consumer, History, Biography
green = Science, Env, Tech, Eng, Med, Psy, Anthro, Evol, Paleo, Pract, Geo, Eco
neutral = Behind this site, Meta, Philosophy, Spirit, Self, Myth, Private, Personal
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The main layout above is from the cells close to the center in this sketch.
photo of four golden spirals growing as Fibonacci numbers
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